we write dreams between the rib cages of our lovers willing for them to complete us

to fill us

to make us whole

forgetting that the self is complete



cheers to great man

You are mistaken

your thirst will not be satisfied with me out of the way dear sister

it will remain long after i am gone

because we have been taught since birth to see them as  great MAN

they are our liberation, our mouthpiece, our existence

and i the enemy

with me gone,

it will remain the prisoner,

no longer two but one







There is something broken in this world.

it must be our heart,for the fact that we can not connect with each other, a smile becoming a weapon dragged through clenched wallet

it must our hands,for the simple fact that we do not know how to caress, much less hold each for a greater tomorrow.

It must be our feet stilled in childhood greens of missed members masked by the faint gunpowder that rides through the wind landing in our eyes as we play human.