Your voices rise above the sound of the running water. No no

Collecting a breath I tune it out, your anger, your ignore.. everyday this violence becomes a replica of what your swore you will never become.. yet you let him in, gave him the key.. in doing so you failed at the promise you whispered into your boney wrist as you by your lips when you realized that you mattered. A child, this was your turning moment when you begin to think about love, love for yourself

Dishes done, next shower and lay in bed. Trying not cry you turn on the light, and you look at your bed and sigh.. heavy and your sink into the bed and your bones unravel but this time.. the process takes longer than most.. your shoulder throb from weights you have no business lifting…

Reading you espace into spaces. Your mind numb with the weight of living, numb you look at the time 9:30. An hour until the dark overcomes… you try to not think and be. At ten you move, brushing your teeth, you truly to avoid looking at the mirror, your sunken eyes, redder today than other, skin like rubber, you rise. Back in bed, you lay and play day as you wait for the sun to rise and try it again


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