The ink

stuck between languages

I see you

the beauty

a tongue saturated with love…..

radical they would call it

so fresh, i am unable to pronounce their names without a moan,

confirmation of bodies melting  into sweetness on my tongue

I carry with care and fire



words so delicate…..tender….fierce

life changing,

With a glaze

my tongue screams in ecstasy

so little time

red , orange, yellow

Veins on fire,

a smile

the imprint


a kiss on the tips of my lip,

mouth open, breathing in the rhythm of our ancestors,

sweet music to my pallet

Slowly grazing on uneven on land


as we reach, tongues on tongues, this is what it feel like to hunger and be fed

holding we savor every tips, the caress a reminder of the warmth of the sun


heighten with care




A-life to carry

—-To the women who with words, breathed like into vessels and made warriors into lovers day by day… Thank you


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