the sadistic lover

When they talk of love

darkness envelopes you

you bleed into paper tears dripping on feathers

slow as the kiss of death

when they talk of love

you shrink back into a star

bright you flicker

as you bleach your heart into salt

when they talk of an ever ending love

you run on clipped wings

flapping soundless as a thief

tripping and flying

when they talk of a failed love

you stand arrogant shaking your hips

to a tune from your sculpted mouth

you twirl life a leaf in bliss about to mate with the sun

you carve the smirk into your soul with super glue

when they turn to you for comfort

you take their nimble hands into your eyes sockets and let the tears drown them

your clothes permeated with bitter dark chocolates and blue rainbows

you hug them close while you watch them sink with a smirk


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