no home, the violence and erasure of gentrification

at times, i feel like i am losing myself in this path trying to find my path, lost, is a sign i encounter

the streets i use to know never belonged to me i know that,

but this block is mine,

it  is the one I walk on, the one, i walk with my sibling

with the gentrification of the neighborhood, i am loosing the footmarks that hold stories and laughters from our trips filled with rain, this is our home and with it we are gone

becoming safe mean, seeing the white and red uniforms for them

this is home, the more police cars on each block pulling black and brown folks harassing us, making home uncomfortable,

a battle ground

yet a safe ground for dogs to sniff the house of the homeless people, kicked from shelters, closed due to greed with a mayor that has never shook, nor laid an eye on the neighbor, who gets on the train and resides in the suburbs,

this is a part time job.

the smell of greed,

the eyes of the onlookers as the woman from the blanket crawls from the side of the street,

her home gone with the rise of the wind, her hello forever echoing into empty ears

the gentrification, the colonization of home, the closing of the school,

we too will become distant memories

the school

now barred, caged, a place mothers send their kids for a piece of the white american pie, sans taste, bland, yet none the less a taste, now barred, a ground for trespassing,

a land that we never owned, thieves on stolen grounds, borrowing until judgment day


**gentrification is based on the vilification and dehumanization of black and brown folks in their own homes as  they bring white skins and their weapons (police ) and their dogs to piss in the eyes of our future.


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