Living Moments

  1. that sounds like a personal issue
  2. pay off your loans
  3. there is always a better deal somewhere else
  4. you have to move and God will walk alongside you
  5. keep on moving
  6. if you can not find something nice to say about each other, it is time to leave
  7. if you love them. But you dont love yourself, take a pause always
  8. what does it feel like to sleep with the oppressor?
  9. if you wake up and you have nothing to laugh about, that too is okay
  10. i do not want to live my life wondering where i come from when i could just pack and sit by my grandmother’s side
  11. it is okay to have regrets and it is also okay to forgive yourself
  12. remember that there people who hold you dear and that it is okay to love them back
  13. you can not make a home in people,
  14. i do not have time to spend chasing cold beds and sleepless nights, i have me to deal with and I am more than enough
  15. i am heavy in every sense  and I will not cut myself to fit into your mouth
  16. i do not date boys who are in search for mothers. These tubes are tied.
  17. there are people who will carry you on your back but not I. Ever
  18. you never have enough shoes. JK!
  19. i don’t need a lot of people to be happy, i need friends who know the magic of dark nights and cutting tongues
  20. i am in love with women who love themselves who teach me how to love myself
  21. every move i make is a blessing and your presence is not needed in order for me to breathe
  22. do not be fooled by their silence, the silence about the body is costing them
  23. to the boy who said you turn me on, and looked shocked when i said i do not feel the same way, this too is a learning moment for the both of us. Yes, I can choose myself today and all the days to come.  And that is okay
  24. my tights can not teach you how to stay..  so they are not open
  25. if he is woke but does not move. It is simple, i can move and have been doing so for years- the packing
  26. my love cost heavily but is so worth it
  27. i do not know how to give half of myself so i do not
  28. black women have been failed over and over again and i will not fail myself
  29. how can we live without a purpose?
  30. what is home?
  31. it is okay to desire the rough and the soft of your own choosing
  32. so what if he is gay and moved to live his life? why do you feel the need to pet yourself on the back by saying but it is not like i have a problem. who cares, he did not care about your opinions and so left and in doing so he chose himself
  33. talking about women’s right and fighting for women rights does not make me an angry woman but simply one who see the world around her and acknowledges that her body matters
  34. we do not choose to be depressed, depression is not something we make up so we can collect our daddy paychecks. #misconspections
  35. yes, you can run with intent and in this there can be peace, hope and your full self present



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