dear friend

my friends are dying right before my eyes and everyone has a hand in it

as we refused to acknowledge that racism exists,

refusing to see our hands at people’s  throat

counting and waiting,

Counting and waiting

for all of people of color to go away,

to disappear,

as we lay their corpses on top of one another,

this is a mass genocide,

our lives are being extinguished before own our eyes,

and it continues,

it continues as we  shout I can’t breathe,

Unsatisfied, impatient,

we pulled the trigger  and the bullets rained,

they rained into our children, our siblings, our mothers, our fathers, our grandmothers, our grandfathers, our lovers, and our friends,

it rained,

it rained for days, for weeks, for months, for years,

and we took it,

we took it

On our knees as we prayed for the kingdom of God,

praying for space to breathe in the golden kingdom

We prayed as our souls left our bodies,

as our lovers took their final breaths,

crying for one last look,

crying for our salvation,

they cried,

we cried and prayed,

we prayed to not be forgotten,

to not be forgotten,

because we too matter,

oh Lord have mercy

Have mercy,

we cried


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